Hawaii Trash the Dress

This is one of my all time favorite trash the dress photography shoots. I picked out just a few of my favorites to share. Jamie and Chad were staying on the North Shore of Oahu and came all of the way from Alaska. They found me through a previous client and loved my work so much that they wanted to book a hawaii trash the dress photo shoot as well. We decided to take the photos at the world famous beach Waimea Bay. It was a beautiful spring morning and the waves were calm enough to hop in the water. We took photos around the north shore lifeguard tower and around the beach before hoping in the ocean. Luckily we were able to get 30 minutes in the water before the swell started rising.

Waimea Bay is known for big wave riding. They hold one of the biggest wave riding contests their called the Edie Aikau. They have a holding period during the winter time every year but if the waves don't reach a certain height along with the perfect conditions to hold it then it will not be a go.

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