Wedding Photography | Oahu's North Shore

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I love photographing in Waialua on the north shore, it has so much to offer. There is a rich color, the ocean is a deep blue, and there are trees galore making for a magical story book backdrop. Karin and Rod were made for each other. In this photo you get a real sense of love they have for one another.

As a wedding photographer there is a lot of beauty you can work with in the scene around you. I always get to a location or check it out before the actually shoot date to scout it and look for neat areas with an interesting back drop. I also look at lighting and try to figure out where the sun will be setting during that time of day. For sunset photos it is nice to start photographing at least 30 minutes before the sun actually sets and then another 10 minutes after the sun goes down to get more color change in the sky. This is where I love to do my backlit portraits, it creates this stunning magical look.

I absolutely love it there and love this photo, it is one of my favorites.