Oahu Wedding Ceremony Detail

Wedding detail photography is always a beautiful part of the completed gallery when it shows the close up photos of the rings and flowers used in the marriage ceremony. The floral design at this marriage ceremony also featured the traditional Hawaiian Lei style of decoration which is an important part of Hawaiian history and tradition. Leis not only are made from flowers and leaves but also nuts, seeds, shells, feathers, and some from bone from animals. This wedding detail photo was taken at the scenic Waialae Beach wedding ceremony location on the Hawaii island of Oahu. This quiet beach is located next to the amazing Kahala Hotel & Resort which is a great place for any wedding and honeymoon vacation. There are a few grassy knolls along the beach where you can get married, or you can get married with your toes in the sand along the coast with the little island in the background.

This makes for a gorgeous setting anytime of the day.

Oahu Hawaii Wedding Detail