Wanko Wanko and Drift Clutches Fall 2011 Photo-Shoot!

Check out a little sneak peak of the Fall 2011 Wanko Wanko and Drift Clutches hawaii Product Photoshoot. We had a blast today. The girls wanted a white seamless background and we took advantage of the concrete flooring. The photo shoot last about four hours. We had a stylist which made it really fun, she brought two racks of clothing for styling the models and to match the product.

The girls made it really fun, it was like a full day of just playing dress up, dancing around, laughing, and taking pictures. So fun, I could do this all day long!!!!

Wanko Wanko  By: Aimee Vogelgesang

Drift Clutches  By: Wendy Fergale


Stylist: Cate Adams

Hawaii Product Photographer Hook Photography

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