Ala Moana Magazine Nov-Dec 2011

Please check out the product photography that I shot featured in Ala Moana Magazine's November - December 2011 edition.  Go pick one up the next time you are at Ala Moana and check out what I shot....a lot more product featured in the magazine!!!! I learned how to photograph products by getting a two month job with Quiksilver and Roxy in Huntington Beach, California while filling in for another photographer. Once the job ended I was then hired on full-time a couple of months later. I was trained by another staff photographer, David Troyer. I can't thank him enough. He critiqued me everyday, helped me to become very good at styling the product, and taught me a lot about lighting.

Product photography is so different when comparing to portraits or wedding photography. You are working with a product and different angles of light. Most of the time it is just you, the product, and your camera.

Hawaii product photographer, Hook Photography.

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