Shannon and Neel are getting married!!!!

Congrats to the newly engaged Shanon and Neel and their Lanikai engagement photos. I grew up with Shannon, she was my neighbor across the street. We grew up playing on the street riding bikes, skateboarding, surfing our home break, and surfing town. As we grew older we went to different high schools and ended up not seeing each other much after we both went away to college. It's always so nice to see a great friend throughout the years and eventually meet the one they are supposed to be with.

After some thought about location ideas we were going to go to a botanical garden in Kaneohe but ended up doing the photo shoot at Lanikai Beach. The beach reminded her of her childhood days and she wanted Neel to be apart of that.

Lanikai Beach is a great place for engagement photos. There are so many props at the beach to work with so it makes for a great engagement photo session. Lanikai beach offers the gorgeous beach, beautiful silky sand, two islands called the Mokuluas as a backdrop, canoes and boats, and pretty greenery!

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