When Life Gives You Hail....Make Margaritas!!!!

As you may or may not know in March of 2012 it hailed in Kailua, Hawaii. Yes HAILED!!!! We had this strange storm early that morning and the hail came down like crazy. So we gathered the hail, stuck it in the freezer and made hawaiian hail margaritas. We had a bucket full of hail and ice for about a week. Our backyard was covered in hail, the front door had ice piled up about two inches, all of the plants were destroyed and hacked, the plants down at the beach were hacked as well. A lot of people had hail damage on their cars, roofs, and homes. It was a really strange storm and only happened on one side of the island.

Check out our hawaiian margaritas we made out of the hawaii hail storm 2012. When life gives you hail, make margaritas!

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