Keiki Beach - Valentine's Day Rain

I am feeling quite loved these days and that is why I am a little late posting this Valentine's Day wedding I photographed this past February on the North Shore's Keiki Beach. Valentine's Day is a very special day for weddings, especially when it is a 2.14.14 date. The whole day was a bit dreary and I was dreading my drive along the cost late that afternoon. It was raining and at times pouring along the drive, but I tried to keep. I finally reached Turtle Bay and it still seemed nerve-racking not knowing if there would be a break in the sky and clear up or not.

Once I got to Keiki Beach it looked like it was going to stop, but as soon as I parked it started sprinkling and then a heavier sprinkle. Yikes I thought!!!! Some of the guests were already there just waiting it out in the car and some were down at the beach soaking up the rain while setting up the flowers. I headed down to the beach and immediately hid my stuff in a guests tent that was set up and place my cameras in bags to prepare for the dreaded down pour.

As soon as the ceremony started the sky cleared up and it stopped raining. The evening session ended up turning into a beautiful ceremony and I captured some jaw dropping images of the couple.

Please check out Kristen Hook's Oahu Wedding Photography below of the Valentine's day rainy wedding session.

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