Oahu Real Estate Photography

After a few years of not doing any type of film production work and using my video knowledge skills, I was asked to shoot a real estate video in my hometown of Kailua. To be honest I was really nervous after viewing the home and seeing how beautiful the place was. I ended up signing on to the project. I scouted the home a couple of different times before the actual shoot and knew going into it that it would be a long day of setting up shots and a mix of challenges.

To prep myself I asked the producer to provide a good story line to figure out the rooms that needed to be photographed, and from there I would create a timeline of how the shots would go in order of events. Some rooms we needed to chase the sun and get there just in time before the sun came up and some scenes needed to be shot right at dusk. It was a battle but we conquered everything and got all of the shots needed.

Hook Photography now offers Oahu real estate photography and videography. Below is the project that I filmed and edited.

Hook Photography can create: - Full motion video in HD - Create video montage from still photos - Oahu real estate photography