Wedding Budget

One of the biggest obstacles for a wedding can be the bride finding her dress as well as shoes to match. The obstacle is not only finding the perfect gown but being under budget not over. Having a wedding or destination wedding on Oahu can definitely help in staying under budget for the dress and shoes. If you are having a simple beach wedding, then your dress can be as simple as you want it to be as well as your shoes. Just go barefoot! I have seen it all in the shoe department. A bride can go barefoot, wear sandals, wedges, heels, or even make her own slip on jeweled sandal.

Any beach wedding here in Hawaii you can get really creative with bridal wear and bridesmaids dresses. You have so many options!

Chiffon, silk, linen, cotton are just a few of the materials for dresses. Bikinis, aloha print, sarongs, princess gowns are just a few of the styles.

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