Oahu Family Photographer - Photo Suggestions

Enjoy this Oahu family photography photographed by Hook Photography. Hook Photography offers family photography in the Oahu area. While on your family vacation I recommend scheduling a photo shoot near the location you are staying at.

A few tips below for preparing for your family photo shoot:

1. Ask your photographer for location recommendations and also figure out if you want to do a sunrise, sunset, or daytime photoshoot.

2. Figure out your dress attire. I would try to stay away from wearing all white or all black. Color mixtures will make the photos pop a bit more. Bold prints are great as well.

3. Bring props if you have any in mind or ask your photographer.

4. Find out if you can bring your animal such as a dog.

5. If you have young kids make sure they are refreshed and have eaten. Also bring a few snacks to have on hand.

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