Mokulua Islands Wedding - Jen and Jared

What an epic and creative wedding! Truly this would be my dream wedding....guests arriving by boat, the minister paddling in on a surfboard, the bride being escorted in on a board along with the bridesmaids and her wedding dress in a trash bag, the bridal bouquet being swam into shore, guests arriving in indian headdresses, a huge cooler filled with beer (literally took 4 guys to carry), an aisle made of surfboards (all from random people on the beach), amazing friends that planned there wedding, a beautiful backdrop, and the coolest couple around!!!!

The groom called up a good buddy telling him that him and his fiancé are heading to Hawaii to have a destination wedding. He sent him a piece of paper listed with everything he would want for his wedding such as a wedding photographer, a minister, a beautiful location, and the list goes on. That list had fill in the blanks after each item he wanted for his wedding. That said, his good friend had to find him the minister, the photographer, the beautiful location, etc. How fun! To trust your friend to plan the most random wedding ever. So simple yet one of the most unique weddings I have ever heard of.

Being that this wedding was on one of the twin islands also known as the Mokulua Islands off of Lanikai Beach, I had to pack all of my camera gear in waterproof bags. Luckily I was taken to the island on a boat, but once we got to the island I had to swim into shore. Pheeeew what a sketchy situation, but it all worked out and I happened to get a ton of amazing photos.

Hands down this is one wedding that I will absolutely never forget. Congrats Jen and Jared.

Just a few pics from the wedding....xo hook photography. p.s. i especially love the first dance photo with the american flag. =)

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