Happy Holidays from the Laiki Lounge

Happy Holidays xo Hook Photography and Laiki Lounge. The Laiki Lounge was created by my talented boyfriend John. He is a true artist and creates very neat pieces of art made from recycled wood that washes up on the shores of Kailua Beach. With those pieces of wood he creates benches, stools, tables, and giant tikis. The ones in this picture are a long bench, a tiki chair, a table made out of concrete and glass stones that create a picture of the mokulua islands. Also a giant tiki that was carved by John, his brother, and dad.

All of the works mentioned above were from beach finds except for the concrete table. As for the Christmas tree being put up it is made from recycled bamboo that a friend had growing in his backyard and also plastic fishing floats that wash up on the shores of Kailua Beach. This tree we put up every year after Thanksgiving. It is such a fun thing to do for the community and is the perfect place for your hawaii family photos for Christmas.

I would love to see any photos that other people have taken of the tree, so please feel free to contact me and share your picture that I can post up on my blog.