Importance of Wedding Details

There is so much detail in a wedding. Details range everywhere from the brides touch, to the coordinator or event planner, the photographer, and even to the guest. When photographing weddings on oahu, there are so many little details during the wedding to photograph and the wedding rings are one of them. It is actually one of my favorite things to photograph and can be one of the toughest. Placing the rings in a good position and using some other sort of detail such as a hawaiian wedding bouquet as a backdrop is a good start, but getting the rings to fit nicely together is a battle.

Other details to shoot on the wedding day can be anywhere from sequins on a brides dress, to the stationary invites the bride and groom sent out, to flower petals made of icing on the cake. So much detail goes into a wedding, but sometimes guests hardly notice it. A good photographer will take the time to photograph every little detail there is.

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