SUP into the SUN - Video Post Wednesdays 1 - Hawaii Photographer

I studied Film and Commercial Production in college at Brooks Institute of Photography. I went into college thinking I would eventually work in the Los Angeles Film Industry in which I did for a short two years after college. I really enjoyed it, but knew that I really wanted to work in the still photography world. I am now doing what I LOVE! Commercial, stock, portraits, and wedding photography, but want to bring back my videography. One of the things I truly enjoy doing is time-lapse photography. It is a mix between still and motion photography. Why? Because I use my dslr to make the time-lapse videos. I love how I can interchange my lenses and I can also control my settings. I shoot all manual and then also decide on how many seconds in between each photograph is shot for the video. You can do anywhere from one photo a day for a year to taking one photo a minute for a whole week. The things you can time-lapse are also endless. You can time-lapse a flower blooming, ants moving, the sun rising, just anything you can think of. It is absolutely mind blowing once you see the end result.

So every Wednesday I am going to post a small video that I have recently shot or shot in the past. I hope you like the visuals you see and come back every Wednesday to see more.

This video was shot in the early winter morning during sunrise at Kailua Beach.