Stenciling Photo Studio Floor

Watch the time-lapse video of the indoor photography moroccan studio floor being stenciled by local artists in Oahu, Hawaii. This location is a professional photography studio where excellent fashion, commercial, maternity, portrait photos are created each year by Kristen Hook. This floor took one whole week to stencil. The time-lapse photography video took one whole week to paint, stencil, and then seal two times with clear coat. The actual time-lapse video took a whole day to film, it was shot on a Nikon D200 with a fisheye lens. The shutter was released every three seconds and then condensed down in Final Cut Pro into a 35 second video.

Creating time-lapses can definitely be a challenge, there are so many obstacles you have to take into consideration. Lighting needs to be adjusted perfectly, you need to shoot everything in manual focus, you need an intervalometer either internally or externally, a tripod, a big memory card, charged battery, and to get your angle correct before starting the time-lapse.