Secret Island Wedding - Kaneohe Bay

It was the day after Christmas and I had a wedding at Secret Island in Kaneohe Bay.  I arrived at the Heia Pier in Kaneohe Bay, and thought OH NO, it is raining.  I was prepared with my water bag but no raincoat.  Yikes!  I knew I was going to freeze even in Hawaii.  YES, we do get cold.... The boat was at the dock ready to launch and once the minister arrived and couple we made our way to the boat once the rain let off.  We were less then five minutes away from the dock and it just started dumping.  Luckily I had the coolest couple ever to photograph and very easy going family as well as Captain and minister!  We went with it and got some fun shots in the rainy weather.

Once we hit shore at Secret Island in near Kualoa Ranch we got off the boat and it stopped raining.  We had time to finish the romantic ceremony, get family photos, as well as do some portraits of the couple.  We then climbed back into the boat and made our way to the Kaneohe SandBar and captured a beautiful rainbow on our way back to the dock!

I highly recommend a simple and laid back wedding like this for any of you couples that are willing to go on adventure.  You will definitely remember every moment of your wedding day!

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