Magic Island - Layla and Jon

Thank you The Modern Honolulu for referring me along to your clients. Layla and Jon contacted me back in June wanting to do a Trash the Wedding Dress photo-shoot in the waters of Hawaii before heading back to Kuwait where they live. They had previously gotten married a month before and wanted to finally have some fun photos together in wedding attire.

Layla and Jon were so much fun and basically willing to do anything I asked them to.... they did twirls, kissed in the trees, layed in the grass, splashed each other in the water, and Layla even did some hula for Jon (and i)! After photographing in the lagoon we walked up to the path to get some sunset photos. Layla and Jon were such troopers!!!! We were drenched from the lagoon and freezing cold from the wind chill, but we managed to get some fun romantic back-lit sunset photos.

Cheers to the amazing fun LOVING couple. Take care and can't wait until next time. XX Hook Photography.

A Lovely Word from Jon himself:

"Working with Hook Photography was a great decision. To choose a photographer for such an important event requires a high level of trust. Our trust was not misplaced. Kristen was professional, calming, and innovative in her ideas. We have pictures documenting this time in our lives that we are not only proud but excited to show off to all our friends. We thank you, Kristen!"

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