LGBT Oahu Wedding Photographer

Lynda and Rachel's wedding day took place at the well known and beautiful Loulou Palm Estate on the North Shore of Oahu. I love photographing brides on their big day, especially when I get to photograph two of them at once. It is so extra special to me and fun.

The day started off with getting ready photos so that meant a good amount of time in each of the brides room. It was neat meeting both mom's on each side and photographing hair, the shoes and all of the details, to the bride being tied up in the back by her mom.

Lynda and Rachel being both from the Gold Coast of Australia their families all came over for the big day. The wedding was so simple to the flowers surrounding the ceremony site, to the elegant reception table, and ending the night with the very famous Polynesian Cultural Center fire and hula dancers. It all made for a spectacular site!

Please enjoy the images by LGBT Oahu wedding photographer, Kristen Hook.

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