A late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year!

Take a walk down to the Laiki Lounge.... My boyfriend John created this lounge and for about two years now we have put up after Thanksgiving. It is a recycled wood Christmas tree that we made together. Each plastic buoy we gathered as well. We walked the beach last year every morning for sunrise to pick up trash along the shores of Kailua. During those morning sunrise walks we found many plastic buoys that are used on fishing boats as floats. We have found over 100 of them.

We love to create art and share it with the community. This is a new tradition we started and want to share it with all. The next time you are on Kailua Beach after Thanksgiving but before the New Year please make sure you find it and add one of your favorite ornaments to the tree. Talk a walk, enjoy, the beach, and go and take a rest on the lounge next to the tree. We are so lucky to live in Hawaii and want you to stop and enjoy the view.

A late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year to all!!!!

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