Jenna and Iiro - Trash the Dress - Lanikai Beach

Following up on the last blog I did, I promised you the Trash the Dress session from Jenna and Iiro's Lanikai Beach session. The trash the dress session was absolutely perfect, the sun was just barely out and wasn't too bright, the water clarity was clearer than normal and the water was calm. All of those aspects make for a perfect trash the dress session. I always have couples asking about the trash the dress session, so here are a few tips on helping with answering questions and or my concerns:

- Have one main location for the photos picked out. - Pick a second location in case there is a big swell or if it is pouring rain. - Pick a location under the list of places Kristen provides you. - Make sure you know how to swim and you are a good swimmer. - Bring any type of prop you wish to have or use in the water.

All of my couples that end up doing the trash the dress session always end up saying it looks easier in the photos then it actually is. That is 100% completely true. When you are wearing clothes in the ocean and the current is pulling you one way or another it is going to weigh you down and make it that much harder to swim.

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