Honolulu Magazine - Best Dentists 2012

I have been photographing Honolulu dental portraits for the past two years for Honolulu Magazine. Every year two months before the issue comes out I go around to the different dental offices on the island of Oahu and photograph the best dentists of the year. It is fun and can be very challenging at times to find a good spot to take the portrait. Some dentists want just a plain white background while other dentist want an office setting with dental equipment along in the background.

To get a good portrait I concentrate on getting the subject to show their personality and to also have good lighting. Excellent lighting is key. I like to show depth of field in the image as well and really focus in on the subject making the background very blurred.

Please check out Honolulu Magazines Best Dentist Issue for February 2012. You will see some of my work I did =) Magazines should still be on stands for a few more days.

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