Double Vow Renewal - Waialae Beach - Kahala

Vow renewals are very popular while on vacation in Hawaii. It is a fun way to celebrate, get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy an nice trip with your loved ones. Have you ever heard of a double vow renewal? This is definitely new to me but it seems to be the new trend. I have already done two double vow renewals this past summer and hope to do more of them. It makes it cheap and affordable for couples to double up and do their vows the same time, split the cost of a minister and photographer and capture some amazing memories.

Some other ways clients like to celebrate vow renewals are surprising the loved one with a vow renewal ceremony. I have had husbands surprise their wives as well as kids surprise their parents.

The double vow renewal in the photos below were taken at Waialae Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii near the Kahala Hotel.

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