Angie and Tom's - Waikiki Wedding on Kahanamoku Beach

Check out Angie's story below on how Tom proposed to her.  Also please check out the Waikiki wedding photos that took place on Kahanamoku Beach. I met Tom through my dad. Tom was working for my dad at the time- My dad talked me into driving home from college one weekend to come over for supper. when I arrived home there was a strange man there. I ignored him, wondering what he was doing there for supper! After we ate I was in the basement with my sister while my dad and Tom were upstairs. My dad kept texting me that Tom wanted to take me out for a drink, of course I kept saying no- I didn't even know him! Finally after my dads constant texts I came upstairs and looked at Tom like "okay lets go then" He had no idea what I was talking about. We ended up going out for a drink and as we talked we realized that my dad had told me that Tom wanted to take me out while at the same time he was telling Tom that I wanted him to take me out! He tricked us both, but it worked ? Tom and I dated for over 7 years before we were engaged. We were only engaged for a short time- 1 month! We had already planned a trip with his boss to go to Hawaii so we thought what better place to get married. We had nothing planned and no wedding attire when we got to Hawaii but figured if we could find someone to marry us in that short of notice we would make it work.

When Tom finally proposed, I had been out Christmas shopping with my mom and sisters and when I came home, exhausted, Tom was standing in the kitchen and our big 115lb lab, Bubba, was in the house (my dog is my favorite thing in the whole world!!!) and waits at the top of the stairs for me until I get home. when I came in the door Bubba was of course waiting for me, when he stood up I saw something tied to his collar. I took it off and realized it was a ring box. I couldn't believe it- after all these years I had given up on the thought of even getting married! I opened the box and Tom came over, got down on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife.

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