Amusement Park from my Past

I grew up here in Hawaii. This place is what sparked my interest in photography. The views, the ocean, the daily life, the laid back lifestyle. One place that I say reminds me of home is a place called Castles. Castles is a surf spot or a place I like to say an "Amusement Park from my Past", it reminds me of being a kid and playing. Here in hawaii we love to play and make use of the oceans and mountains. We have a huge playground or amusement park that is open 24/7 and all year round. It is free too!

Castles is my home break here on Oahu, it is my playground and what brings me so much joy. This spot only breaks so often and is usually windy and choppy and you have saltwater splashing in your face and your board can be hard to maneuver. There are certain times of the year though, especially in the winter when it has perfect conditions. It is rare to be over three feet, glassy, and and kona winds. I can surf this spot on any occasion just as long as there are waves.

Below are some water photos of Castles here in hawaii that I recently did. I realized that I actually had no photos of anyone surfing castles. So one evening when it was somewhat decent I swam out with my pink fins, SPL Waterhousing, and my 5D MII and snagged a few shots. Take a look....

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