Amanda, Lexi, Brendan, and Kai - Oahu Family Photos

This photo-shoot took place on the West Side of the island of Oahu in Makaha. This family came to visit for a month or so from the mainland and wanted to get their oahu family photos in.  Amanda used to travel to Oahu as a kid with her family and they would stay in Makaha so we decided to pick Makaha as our location.  This was my first time to photograph here which made it fun!

The family was so easy going and willing to do anything, and the beach wasn't crowded at all which made it nice. The sun was out, water was blue, and everyone was happy and smiling.

Taking oahu family photos can be tough to do. The reason I say this is because it can be hard to pose everyone in the family especially if I am photographing a larger family. I like to come in knowing how many family members will be at the photo shoot and then base my shots from there. I think of ideas and jot them down before the photo shoot and then use it as a reference if I need a little help.

Oahu family photos are a great thing to do if vacationing in Hawaii or if you have family coming into town. It is a great thing to do because we have such beautiful weather and beaches!

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