A Shimmering Sunday Superbowl

What a gorgeous weekend!  Dead winds, waves, and even a pod of whales. Hawaii is filled with natural beauty that makes us speechless. Superbowl sunday in Hawaii was a shimmering day for me. I hate to say it but I am not much of a Super Bowl fan. I like the fact that there are get togethers, but don't like to sit at home all day watching TV. Today was Super Bowl sunday and instead of sitting around I had the opportunity to head out into Kaneohe and Kailua Bay on a friends boat. On our way around the point into Kailua Bay we ran into a pod of whales. We were about ten yards away from them and it was just breathtaking.

Hawaii provides adventures on a daily basis, you just have to get out there and go explore. There is so much to see in life and enjoy. Don't let a day go by without enjoying something in life wether it be family, friends, experiences, etc.  

The photos below were taken at sunrise at Kailua Beach and taken in the water.

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