A Good Work Day

I work for Honolulu Magazine from time to time doing head shots, product photography, and fashion photography, but this month was asked to to take pictures in my hometown of Kailua, Hawaii. It was an adventurous fun day filled with photo sessions for local restaurants and stores around Kailua. My first stop was for Cinnamon's Restaurant, where I had to capture a portrait of the two owners.

Next stop on the list was to photograph Buzz's Steakhouse. I needed to capture a couple of food dishes, which you will see in the photograph below. They also need a wide photo inside the restaurant as well as one outside.

Then I headed over to Down to Earth one of Kailua's local health food stores. Inside I had to capture the produce as well as their well known salad bar.

Last on the list was Crepes No Ka Oi, one of my all time favorites! For the crepe restaurant a photograph of the owners was needed as well as a couple of dishes. The prepared two of my favorite dishes to photograph, The Vegetarian and the Berry Heavenly. Once I was done they wrapped up the dishes for me to take home.

food photography